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Recently, here at Hooka, we have noticed our male consumers becoming more experimental with duration and weight lines within their haircuts. Beginning with the ancient civilizations of Portugal, Rome, and Egypt, barber shops have historically recently been a location where men possess gathered for not only a new haircut, but often regarding friendly talk about nearby happenings, politics, news, climate, sporting events, and anything at all else beneath the sun.

In common, today's barber shop (as in opposition to a styling beauty salon or even a haircut chain) is usually considered by many people to be primarily a men's domain name, though some shops furthermore cut women's hair, and some feature female barbers.

For men who wear short hairstyles such as crew cuts, flat tops, high and tights, ends, butches, and ivy institutions (more on these designs below), a good barber shop is usually their ideal and most economical option.


Once sitting down in the or her seat, your barber will inquire a few questions about how you would like your own hair cut, no less than till getting to know your own preferences and elegance.

He or she may inquire when your last haircut was, whether you would like to just trim the style an individual currently have, whether an individual would like a blocked or tapered neckline (details below), if you would like your sideburns cut, if you would enjoy a part in your tresses, if you want your own neck shaved, if an individual would like your facial hair trimmed, if you'd like a full shave, and so on. If you request a very short lower, your barber may inquire if you know the clipper blade number that you simply prefer.

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