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At Shear Quality, we try to be 1 of the top Mens Salons in Charlotte, NC. We are located quickly near downtown Charlotte upon East Blvd in the particular heart of Dilworth inside the Latta Pavilion Buying Center. Barber shops in various historical durations provided services in addition to haircutting, such as baths, therapeutic massage, shoe shines, food in addition to drink, entertainment, tooth drawing, blood letting, and also surgery!

Prior to the arrival of an easy-to-use, mass-produced safety razor in the particular early twentieth century, a large percentage of men would check out a barber regularly- sometimes many times a week- to have their looks shaved.

Although "old school" barber shops have declined in amount over the past few decades, there are nevertheless lots of men who enjoy the particular atmosphere and barbering skills found in their area shop.


Once sitting in the or her couch, your barber will request a few questions about how you would like your own hair cut, no less than till getting to know your own preferences and elegance.

If you have a specific, traditional style inside mind (such as a crew cut or a butch), please request it, but realize that these designs can be interpreted slightly differently from barber to barber.

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