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Just lately, here at Hooka, we have noticed our male customers becoming more experimental with duration and weight lines within their haircuts. Beginning with the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, barber shops have historically already been a spot where men have got gathered because of not only a haircut, but often regarding friendly talk about nearby happenings, politics, news, weather conditions, sporting events, and something else underneath the sun.

Prior to the arrival of an easy-to-use, mass-produced safety razor in the early twentieth century, a large percentage of males would go to a barber regularly- sometimes a couple of times a week- to have their looks shaved.

Even though "old school" barber shops have declined in quantity over the past very few decades, there are nevertheless a lot of men who enjoy the atmosphere and barbering abilities found in their neighborhood shop.


Once sitting down in his or her chair, your barber will ask a few questions about how exactly you would like your own hair cut, no less than right up until getting to know your own preferences and elegance.

They may ask when your last hair cut was, whether you wish to basically trim the style a person currently have, whether a person would like an obstructed or tapered neckline (details below), if you might like your sideburns cut, if you would enjoy a part in your tresses, if you want your own neck shaved, if a person would like your facial hair trimmed, if you'd like a complete shave, and so on. If you demand a very short lower, your barber may ask if you know the clipper blade number which you prefer.

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