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Lately, here at Hooka, we have noticed our male customers becoming more experimental with duration and weight lines within their haircuts. Beginning with the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, barber shops have historically already been a place where men have gathered because of not only a new haircut, but often for friendly talk about regional happenings, politics, news, weather conditions, sporting events, and something else under the sun.

In general, today's barber shop (as against a styling hair salon or even a haircut chain) will be considered by many people to end up being primarily a men's domain name, though some shops likewise cut women's hair, and some feature female barbers.

For men who wear short hairstyles such because crew cuts, flat surfaces, high and tights, fades, butches, and ivy leagues (more on these styles below), a good barber shop is generally their ideal and most economical selection.


Unlike more upscale hair salons, most herrefris?r shops offer quality haircuts at affordable prices; generally, you can plan to spend somewhere around $10-$15 for any haircut (give or have a few dollars, depending on the locale).

If you have a new specific, traditional style within mind (such as a new crew cut or a new butch), please request it, but realize that these styles can be interpreted somewhat differently from barber in order to barber.

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